[:en]”Bonus for Births” in Italy, 800 euros reward even for foreign mothers[:]

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[:en]800 euros will be the bonus that will be distributed to births in Italy, where foreign mothers will also be benefiting. Although previously granting a bonus for women living in Italy without a residence permit was suspended by a decision of the National Institute of Social Security, the Milan Civil Court now decided that this bonus would be granted to all mothers. Specifically, the National Institute of Social Insurance (INPS) filed a request foreseen in a 2016 law to benefit from the bonus only those mothers who had a residence permit. Meanwhile, the Civil Court in Milan decided to accept the appeal of the associations, which were in favor of granting a bonus to foreign mothers, thus rejecting the decision of the National Institute of Social Insurance. Judge Silvia Ravazzoni stated that "In essence there can be no INPS, an institution that may exclude a category or another, including aliens." Meanwhile, lawyer Alberto Guariso, representing the associations, stated that: "We believe that now the INPS needs to adapt soon with the court's decision. Meanwhile it is important that all foreign women, who are at least seven months pregnant, on December 31, 2017, make a claim to INPS in order to benefit from the Milan decision. "[:]

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