Berat, there are restored the icons “Entering Jerusalem” and “The Prophet Ilia”

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The Art Restoration Workshop in the city of Berat continues to work out the treasures left in the limelight.

In this lab, the restorers of the Regional Directorate of National Culture Berat are working on two icons: Ikona Prophet Ilia with the author Johan Çetiri and Hyrja në Jerusalem with the author Four Brothers Cetiri.

According to the specialists, the icon of the prophet Ilia is in good condition, only there is degradation of paint, where careful intervention should be made without harming the icon.

"The conservation and restoration icons will consist of the consolidation of peliculas and timber panes. It will also be done cleaning the icon and disinfesting wood from the insects, "experts say.

DRKK, Berat, continues to work with discovering other works from the ateliers fund, where art specialists are preparing new restoration projects.

The Regional Directorate of National Culture of Berat has the main purpose of extracting these works of art from the degradation stage, giving the possibility of exposure in the continuation of a process aimed at preserving and promoting the Cultural Heritage.

The Art Restoration Workshop in the city of Berat has also restored the icons "The Collection of the Archangels", by the author Gjergj Johan Çetiri, and the icon of the same name "The Archangels Collection" by Constantine Zograf, "The Rise of the Cross" and "St. Thanasi".

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