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[:en]Berat, the destination of tourists even in winter[:]

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[:en]The city of Berat continues to be the favorite destination of tourists, where during January-November was visited by 40,605 local and foreign. Even in the autumn season and the beginning of the winter season, the 2400-year-old city of Berat, not only for its rare beauty but also for its hospitality, has awakened the interest of many tourists who visited it. "Although we are at the beginning of the winter tourist season, in November, the Onufri Iconographic Museum and the Ethnographic Museum continue to be the destination of domestic and foreign visitors, especially on weekends and holidays by family visitors", confirms the National Museum Center in Berat. According to the QMM, this month the museums had 1782 visitors out of the 1033 visitors that had in the same month last year. "While in the period January - November 2017 the number of visitors reached 40 605, an impressive figure since in the same period last year had only 28 433 visitors, realizing 6 928 280 Lek from ticket sales, 1 692 960 lek more than in the same period last year ", says Berlini MTC. The urban center of Berat reflects the influence of the tradition of the Balkan folk dwellings, dating mainly in the 18th and 19th centuries. This tradition has been adapted to suit the lifestyle of the city, with homes on the slope with mostly horizontal planes and widely used natural light. In 1961 Berat was officially declared a museum city. Today Berat inherits 210 museum objects, of which 150 are standing facilities. Of these, 60 are monuments of the first category and the others of the second category.[:]

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