[:en]Asylum seekers in the EU. Eurostat: 5,900 Albanians[:]

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[:en]During the third quarter of 2017, 164,300 new asylum seekers have applied for international protection in EU member states. This shows that the number of asylum applicants registered in the 9 months of 2017 stands at the levels recorded in 2014, ahead of the peak reached a year later. According to the latest Eurostat data, with 26,600 applicants for the first time in July-September 2017, Syrian citizens are the first EU asylum seekers, followed by Iraqis with 12,500. Following them are Afghans and Nigerians, about 9,900, Pakistani with 7,350, Eritrea citizens with 7,300, and Albanians with 5,900. These 7 groups together accounted for about 50% of all applicants for the first time in EU countries in the third quarter of this year. During this period, the largest number of new asylum seekers was registered in Germany, with 46,200 or 28% of the total in the EU. Italy follows with 32,500, France with 22,000 and Greece with 14,600. Compared to the total population of each member country, the largest rate registered for young applicants was registered in Cyprus, with 1577 per 1 million inhabitants, followed by Greece and Malta, with 1,361 and 960 respectively. In contrast, the lowest rate was recorded in Slovakia, with 4 new applicants per 1 million inhabitants, followed by Poland with 22, Portugal with 23 and the Czech Republic with 27 applicants per 1 million inhabitants.[:]

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