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[:en]Arrested two Albanians, they stole Christmas presents[:]

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[:en]They stole the gifts wrapped under Christmas trees and had an agenda with all the shots scheduled until New Year. The Carabinieri of Abano Terme, Italy, arrested two Albanians of 24 and 27 years old, irregular, accused of having done dozens of thefts between the city of Padua and its hinterland in the operation called "Ladron della festa." The two albanians were staying in a bed & breakfast, hidden among the socks, the military found 5 valuable watches and 127 gold and silver jewelery; in the closet and some bags, however, there were jackets, sweatshirts, belts, women's bags, clutches, wallets, glasses, a smartphone and a tablet, 2400 euros in cash, including 200 Australian dollars and 2,000 Chinese yuan. During the blitz, the two tried to escape from the window of the apartment, but they were blocked. The men of the Arma contest the couple a dozen home burglaries committed between Abano, Montegrotto, Sarmeola and Selvazzano, always in the afternoon and evening, but are conducting investigations on another fifty shots. In the next days the police will publish a link with the photos of the stolen goods.[:]

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