[:en]Another low-cost airline adds Albania to its list… the Ukrainian SkyUp[:] - Albanians In The World

[:en]Another low-cost airline adds Albania to its list… the Ukrainian SkyUp[:]

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[:en]The number of airlines operating in Albania is expected to increase again in spring, with a new direct destination. The new Ukrainian airline SkyUp, inaugurated on December 14, announced the destinations it will offer to the Ukrainian public. These low-cost direct flights include Tirana, as well Turkey, Spain, Italy, Egypt, Bulgaria and Cyprus. Tourism is the main reason for adding this flight to Albania, based on the fact that founder Yuri Alba also owns the Join UP tour operator. Although the latter has still to add Albania to its vacations catalog. However, the company states that it intends to cooperate with other tourist agencies and airlines. Domestically, SkyUp will connect Odesa with Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Lviv. Ticket prices will start from Hr 499 ($18.30) one way. At the moment SkyUp’s fleet consists of four Boeing aircraft. Since Ukraine was granted visa-free regime with the European Union and approved ID-card only travel with Turkey earlier this year, the country’s aviation market has seen a surge of interest from foreign airlines. SkyUp will thus be added to 18 other lines operating in Albania. Meanwhile, starting from April, there are also plans in some Nordic air companies to add Albania as a destination. Flights to Albania will most likely be for a 6-month period. The travel of the citizens of the two countries is visa-free from 1 April to 4 November. Under the agreement with Kyiv, Albanians can enter Ukraine with a passport and are entitled to stay for 90 days. SCAN[:]

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