[:en]Albanians in the US, Here's how much costs the employment of a nanny[:] - Albanians In The World

[:en]Albanians in the US, Here’s how much costs the employment of a nanny[:]

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[:en]If you are tired of increasing childcare costs, pack up your suitcases and move to New Hampshire or North Dakota. Both of these sites led the list of the most affordable states for hiring a nanny according to a Care.com survey. Other states include Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey. Meanwhile, Washington DC and Mississippi prescribe lists of less affordable childcare jurisdictions. The average annual cost of a baby center is around $ 10,468, ranging from $ 6,605 to $ 20,209. The average cost of a baby caretaker is $ 28,905 and these costs vary from 27,019 to 32,677. According to Care.com, child care costs have continued to grow in the last four years. Almost one in three families reported spending about 20 percent or more of their income only for childcare.[:]

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