[:en]Albanians hit with their car two policemen in Brescia[:] - Albanians In The World

[:en]Albanians hit with their car two policemen in Brescia[:]

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[:en]According to Italian media, two Albanians and one Moroccan in Italy have been arrested for wounding two policemen. It is learned that the incident occurred in Brescia last night around 23:00. The police patrol has signaled to stop a Mercedes car, in which there were the three foreigners. The vehicle driver did not respond to the order to stop and leave quickly. A second patrol set off to stop him, but the driver did not slow down and struck the police car and the two police officers in it. The intervention of other police officers led to the blocking and stopping of the three people, while the wounded police officers were transported to the hospital, where they are out of life's risk. Two Albanians and Moroccans, who had also some drug doses, now face resistance charges, damage to the person and the vehicle, while they may have other charges.[:]

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