[:en]Albania is the first in the world to use cocaine[:] - Albanians In The World

[:en]Albania is the first in the world to use cocaine[:]

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[:en]The public debate focuses on Albania as a cannabis production site or as a cocaine and heroin transit, but no one has touched on the worrying amount of drug consumption in the country. In fact is revealed by a United Nations report that Albania is the world's first cocaine consumer. The report was made by the Anti-Drug and Crime Agency at the United Nations. According to this report, which is based on 2014 data, it ranked Albania first with 2. 5 percent of the population it consumes. This report is based on surveys conducted among people aged 15 to 64. In the United Nations data map, it turns out that Albania has left behind highly developed countries such as the United States of America, with 2.3 percent of the consuming population or Great Britain ranked third. Although considered to be one of the most expensive drugs, this has not prevented Albanians from being the biggest cocaine consumers in the world. The report also notes that adults are the biggest cocaine users, while younger people are less. If for cocaine Albania is in the first place, the opposite happens to the use of cannabis. Although Albania is considered a producer country and this drug is widespread, Albanians are not among the biggest consumers. For the use of cannabis Albania has a prevalence of 5.6, which is generally lower than a large proportion of Western European countries. In the world, the biggest users of hashish are in the United States, with annual prevalence of 16.5% and Canada with 14.3%. In the United Nations report, data on the government's anti-drug war are also reflected. It is noticeable that in the recent years there is a significant increase in the amount of drug that has been caught. For 2014, 6870 kilograms have been seized, 26.4 kilograms of cocaine and 55.3 kilograms of heroin. While in the year before 2013 drug seizures were negligible.[:]

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