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Albania among the cheapest countries in the world to bring a child to life

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The decision to become a parent comes with a bill from behind. Private hospitals in our country operate with parental and birth attendance packages, costing between 1000 and 1300 euros depending on the hospital.

While only the birth, in private hospitals, costs 600-800 euros, and this amount does not predict the complications that may come from the cesarean section .

Where the mother chooses to carry out the birth process, the cost they pay also makes the difference in treatment. In the case of state hospitals, this cost is at least 30000 lek (in both cases of birth) and in private ones about 700 euros on average only birth (exception occurs when the mother is followed from the beginning of pregnancy with full packages 1000-1300 euro that birth is included).

How much does it cost in the world?
An International Health Planning Federation survey concluded that bringing a baby to private hospitals in America costs an average of $ 10,800. The total cost is up to $ 30,000 if we add pre- and post-natal care costs. Although insurance cover most of the costs, the baby's parents who are to come to life have to pay an average of $ 3,000 in the world on average. In most European countries, maternity services are free of charge.

According to data released by The Economist, bringing a baby to a baby costs $ 7,700 in Switzerland, about $ 3,500 in Australia. In Spain and South Africa, the costs of bringing a baby to life are less than $ 2,000.

A baby's life is cheaper than the rest of the world, but ... births have fallen
Although bringing a baby to life, apart from pursuing private hospitals, there are even more economical opportunities such as state hospitals. For births in state hospitals in Albania, the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund covers the costs in theory, if the mother has health insurance of 11 months up to the date of the benefits of the prenatal, according to law no. 104, 2014.

What practically happens is a scheme known to everyone. The doctor who follows the birth receives 10,000 leks for natural birth and the figures of the Cesarean birth reach up to 50,000 leks, despite the fact that the mother can be insured.

Although costs are relatively cheaper compared to developed countries, during 2017, 30,869 babies were born, marking a 2.7% decline compared to the previous year. The number of deaths in 2017 is 22,232, marking an increase of 3.9% compared to the previous year. The natural supplement of the population is 8,637 persons.

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