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Adrian Maliqi three times knock out the Serbian Knezevic

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The highly anticipated match between Albanian Adrian Maliqi and Darko Knezhevic was developed today in the framework of "Keta Fight Nights". The match was supposed to last six rounds, which was demanded by Serbian Knezevic. Maliqi was very prepared for this match, which testified in the duel against Knezhevic.

 was on defense all the time as Maliqi was aggressive in the attack. Maliqi managed to break Knezhevic by knockout in the second round. When the third round started, Maliqi began slamming into the attack.

He knocked out Knezevic twice during the third round and caused this mode to be interrupted for security reasons; Serbia wanted to continue the match but the referee refused to avoid any potential shocks that Serbia would have suffered.

Maliqi now has a balance of 12 wins and only one loss.

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