[:en]A 23-years-old albanian wins the Gold Medal of Excellence in Austria[:] - Albanians In The World

[:en]A 23-years-old albanian wins the Gold Medal of Excellence in Austria[:]

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[:en]Imagination, his brother and camera, these are the three common elements that make extraordinary the photos of the 23-years-old from Presevo, Adrian Limani. Adriani is not very known in Albania, yet he knows he is the first Albanian to win the Gold Medal of Excellence in Linz, Austria. With a focus on Monday, he could have realized a fantastic set of photos. Playing with the optical illusion, the 23-years-old has brought pictures that have captured the attention of international stars such as Jessie J, Calvin Harris, P. Diddy and Tyrese Gibson. His photos were published by the Daily Mail and other prestigious media abroad... Then "everything of anything" becomes the peak of sophisticated value: this was the concept of the greatest philosopher and critic of the twentieth century, Roland Barthes for photography. And what that means sophistication, peculiarity, astonishment, and fascination in a picture we learn through the talent of the 23-years-old from Presevo. In a special story, Limani reveals something more about photography and his connection to the moon. Do you know that Limani has a philosophy of making a picture? What is your philosophy that makes you win such trophies and attention across borders? I believe every photographer has his own techniques of how to make and process the pictures. I'm self-taught and every time I try to explore and experiment with new things by learning and mastering my techniques that in some way have managed to make a special style of photos that I have achieved so far. I think that claims and self-esteem are what make a man do and achieve what he wants. I have always tried to unfold my art across borders and somehow I managed to succeed thanks to the unstoppable good work. Today there are millions of online files and attracting attention is not easy, so you need to do something unique and original in order to characterize what you have done. Where (country) and when (at what time) do you like to take pictures? I like to take pictures at the time of sunrise and sunset, especially that period I say Golden Hour, in my opinion the photos are very beautiful and unique. I like to photograph more in nature, as well as an object inside or in the street. As far as photography is a wide field and there are different categories, the art I have accomplished most belongs to the FineArt / Conceptual category and this usually consists of combining different pictures and objects in 1 single and when I work in these commonly used photo I have ideas in mind and I just run out the pictures and then refine them. However, with regard to other categories such as the landscape or sunset it is common to wait for the moment to catch a moment. In addition to conceptual photographs I also photograph landscape, portraiture, street, architecture. The game with the moon makes your photos so special! How did you create the concept of the game with the moon? It was a day when I came up with some different silhouettes as I said I like to photograph in the sunset. And the model in my photos is usually my brother, and I told him to do different moves, and for a moment came the idea of ​​telling me to do the move as he was hitting a ball, then I thought these silhouettes could be 'I compose so beautiful that they look very real. What is the secret of a unique photo? The idea! What components are needed to realize the ideal picture? To realize conceptual photography you have to have ideas and skills to do them. As for the components that make a beautiful photo for me the main is light and composition. Is it time to passionate or have you studied it? I have studied computer science. Photography is the passion that was born with time. Have you considered an exhibition in Albania? Yes, I have had a small exhibition in Tirana at the National Museum at the TedX Tirana 2013 event, as well as in Zurich, Switzerland. My plans for the moment are more focused on opening exhibitions in other countries such as: Germany, England, USA. But I will definitely work for a personal exhibition in Tirana. I would very much like to conclude the exhibition tour with cherry on the cake in our beautiful capital, Tirana. Freely traduced and adapted from the original post on Konica[:]

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