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[:en]30 Children massacred by Greeks in Chameria[:]

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[:en]By Abedin Rakipi The historical sources of historians, eyewitnesses, and Greek military are overwhelmed with evidence of the massacre that Chameria Muslims experienced. More and more resources also assert that British officers encouraged Ziva to expel the Chams from their homes. Colonel Chris Woodhouse, at the same time as the head of the British military mission in Greece, reports: "Encouraged by the Allied Mission I directed Zera to expel the Chams from their homes;" (Viranda Vickers, The Cham issue) The same officer wrote again in an official report on 1945: "The Chams deserved what they suffered, but the methods of Zerva were very brutal." (PRP / FO, 371/48094). But what is the most terrible is a testimony of ELAM's Greek colonel Nikos Ziangos, who reports one of the massive massacres that he made to little children in Chameria. ELAM Historian and Greek Colonel N. Ziangos in his book The Muslim Chams of Epirus (1923-2000), IMXA, Thessaloniki, republished in 2004; on page 259, "During the Massacre in June 1944 in a Paramithi home was massacred 30 children under 3 years of age ... " Freely traduced from a the original post on Unejamshqiptar[:]

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