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[:en]2018 key year for Albania’s accession to the EU?[:]

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[:en]Albania wants to accelerate its accession to the European Union. This Balkan country obtained the status of official candidate for the EU in 2014. The head of the European diplomacy underlined this week the efforts in the field of justice reform. She added that 2018 will be a key year for Albania. "The Balkans are very important and the challenge is to bring them to the next level, from the field of reforms to the terrain of geopolitical strategy. We want to open negotiations because we want to move forward" said Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama. The country suffers from a corrupt judicial system. But the authorities have approved a control commission, under the supervision of the EU and the US. Albania, the hub of drug trafficking in Europe, is also calling for support for the Union to improve the fight against organized crime. "To fight the threats, from drugs to terrorism, we need a cohesive work, we need a strong network, as interconnected as the criminals" says Edi Rama. In February 2018, the Commission must assess Albania's progress in reform and present its strategy for the Balkans.[:]

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